Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bus lanes

The Council's Cabinet will now discuss, and decide on, the issue of bus lanes on 24th October.

They were meant to do so last week although the item didn't appear on the agenda.  Perhaps there was a delay with a report.

The paperwork for the meeting should be published by 9 am on Friday (17th) at the latest.

Update:  The paperwork is now published as part of the Cabinet Agenda.  You can link to it (its about half way down the list) .here

Monday, 13 October 2014

Carnival meeting - 19 November

Some time ago it became clear that there was a demand for bringing back part of the Garston Carnival.

Obviously we already have the Garston Fun Day in June, but we don't have the parade/procession element.

A small group of us have been looking at what needs to be done if this is to come back.  There is lots of tedious organisational stuff, and money also needs to be raised.

But most importantly at this stage, we need to know if there are enough people out there who are not just prepared to say they want it, but to take on jobs between now and June to make it a reality.

We still have some official hoops to jump through re permissions etc, but we are keen to gague enthusiasm and get more people on board in an organising/helping way.

The idea is for a procession to be on the same day as the Fun Day on Garston Park and to link up with it.  (We still however have to go through permissions etc with police and Council so a lot is up in the air right now).

So, if you want to get involved, particularly in doing stuff before the day, do come along to our meeting.

We've booked the big room at the Garston Urban Village Hall on 19th November at 7pm.  There we'll be looking to discuss ideas and progress so far, and sign people up for things.  We need thoughts, and committee members, and creative people and.. well everyone really.  Big thanks so far to Tina Ford who has been chatting to huge numbers of people and getting the interest going.

We will at some point set up a separate Facebook Group for the organisational/build up side of things.  But for now, we have an e mail list and if you want to go on it, please e mail with your details.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Planning applications in our area - October 2

I put details of planning applications in my e mail bulletins ( let me know if you want to get these by e mailing me at  However there are a couple that are very new or have changed recently , so I am highlighting them here too.

The first is an application to demolish the Garston Gas holders.  This popped up on line a while ago but today the details are all available on line and you can comment there too.  The material does not include any proposals of what could go on that land once the gasholders are gone.  It does make the point though that they have to be gone before anything can be considered.  Details are at this link.  The bulk of the stuff is in the Related Documents section (near bottom of the front page).

The second is a proposal to use Dingle Bank for a skatepark.  I have mentioned this before so this mention is really by way of reminder that the comment deadline is 16th October. Details are .here  Again its the Related Documents you need to look at.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

St Mary's Road - Pocket Places event this week

The Pocket Places team are holding a "Design Workshop" on St Mary's Road on Friday (26th) It's part of them getting out and about talking to local people about what could be done to improve the shared space on St Mary's Road.  As luck would have it,Friday is market day so there should be a fair few people around.

The event takes place outside the Co op between 10 and 2 so do pop along if you are free.

There will be other events, not just later this year but into next year so don't worry if you can't make it to this one.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Decision coming on bus lanes

The City Council's Cabinet is due to decide what to do about Liverpool's bus lanes when it meets on 10 October.

Before then there'll be a meeting for further comments and discussion.  You can see the paperwork for the earlier meeting , which takes place on 22 Sept, at this link.

I sent in a comment about the bus lane suspension when it first happened.  I felt, and still do, that some bus lanes are needed to make sure that those relying on public transport can get around as quickly as possible.  Clearly some lanes were pointless.  The one at Horrocks Avenue springs to mind.  But others were doing a job.  I felt that the Council should have looked at bus lanes in groups rather than closing the lot of them down all at once like that.  However we are where we are.

Two things spring to mind from reading the papers available.  Firstly, the officers writing the paper seem very keen to rebut points made by some.  Their response to points made about cycling is a good example of this.  Cyclists know the bus lanes were not ideal, but there is no guarantee that better provision is near and with cycling being encouraged more in Liverpool, the bus lanes at least would have provided some feeling of protection. (I have, I will admit, gone onto the pavement in a couple of places recently because of the level of traffic in what was the bus lane). The report talks about the width of the bus lanes not meeting the Council's aspirations for cyclists.  Fair enough but this is only meaningful if those aspirations are about to become a reality and it is the bus lanes preventing them doing that.

Secondly, there has been some work done which will result in a second report.  For some bizarre reason this report is secret until October (ie until after people have a chance to speak at the 22 September meeting).  The reason for this secrecy revolves around people making up their mind before the Cabinet meets.  I will be amazed if many of the Cabinet haven't already made up their mind but it seems very odd for a report paid for by the public purse and as part of a decision making process is withheld from part of that process.  It will be interesting to see if anyone challenges this.

Looking at the paperwork, more comments were received complaining about the removal of bus lanes than saying it was a good idea.  Because names and addresses are blanked out though it's impossible to see how many of these comments are from organisations (and therefore representing more people) and how many are from individuals.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Planning applications in our area - update 11 September

There's a proposal to create two skateparks in South Liverpool - one at Otterspool and one at Dingle Bank in Garston.

The Otterspool application is now open for comments with all the plans and other paperwork on line  The deadline is 1 October and you can see the info at this link.  (Please bear in mind that the bulk of the info is in a bit called Related Documents - scroll down and click)

The Dingle Bank paperwork isn't on line yet.  When it is, you should find it at this link.

UPDATE: Dingle Bank paperwork is now in and the comments section is open.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Let us have your words!

The nice people at Pocket Places, the project looking at how we can impove St Mary's Road, are doing a temporary art activity this weekend (13th).

This will include stencilling some parts of poetry or quotes about Garston and/.or St Mary's Road (I want to stress the word temporary at this point!!)

They are busy contacting local poets and looking at things already written, but are keen for some other sentences.

So, if you know Garston and/or St Mary's Road and want to send a sentence in , please do.

I said I would collect in some and pass them on.  All you need to do is let me have a sentence about your thoughts about Garston, an aspect of Garston or St Mary's Road.  Tell me your name too (and tell me if you prefer anonymity).  And then e mail this to me at by Thursday (11th).

I can't guarantee which ones will be used, but it would be great to give the artists lots of material.

And if you want to go along to the event... it's outside the TSB from 10 till 2.  Annoyingly I can't go but hopefully the sun will shine!