Friday, 12 September 2008

Great opportunity for young writer.

Youth Communications Network - an organisation I am involved in - is looking for young people who want to write an article for a one-off publication. The deadlines are quite tight but its a great chance if you have something to say and want to be published. I am pasting the details - including contact details - below.

YCN is looking for young people with different experiences/opinions of housing and housing-related issues to submit an article for a special Youth Live edition called “Yoof Roof”. The article can talk about being in care, or leaving care, homelessness, runaways, domestic violence, community regeneration, facilities and services for young people, support available, education, jobs. This will be in partnership with Shelter and the NSPCC and will be a one-off national publication. We will welcome enquiries about sponsorship and/or advertising from interested organisations.

Anyone interested should email Please include “Yoof Roof” in the subject line. We will be looking to receive the first lot of copy in by October 10th. An event may be organised before then for writers to meet and share ideas.

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