Saturday, 24 October 2009

Garston Park Planting

The planting session at Garston Park went well this morning. We (that is the Friends of Garston Park plus some extra local residents) planted the rest of the crocus bulbs. Yesterday a group of children from Garston C of E School helped with the first session. Our next meeting of the Friends Group is 20th November at 6 30 at Long Lane Church. Details of all our activities will also be on


PM Swimmer said...

Glad to here that the planting went well and that there will be some colour and the obligatory child involvement but is there any chance of some decent deciduous trees being planted in the park?
Or will it forever be an un-landscaped recreational ground in which the only initiatives the council embarks are silly un-used gym furniture which no doubt met some govt target for health/ fitness access in deprived areas.

Paula Keaveney said...

The Friends are hoping to organise a wider consultation next year about the park. I'll post more details as we have them. At the moment we are concentrating on establishing ourselves and on planning some more small initiatives. Fundraising also. Looking to do an Xmas event in December.