Wednesday, 9 December 2009

ID Cards motion

Full Council tonight (9th December)

This, pasted below, is one of the motions being discussed. Its being proposed by me and Cllr Steve Radford

Council notes that the Government is pressing ahead with plans to introduce identification (ID) cards. It is doing this through pilot schemes in the North West, including the planned launch of a scheme in Liverpool in January 2010.

Council notes that the existing policy of the City Council is that it is opposed to the introduction of ID cards and the associated database.

Council further notes that: -

1. Despite arguments by Labour ministers to the contrary, ID cards and the database will not prevent crime, terrorism or illegal immigration.

2. The introduction of ID cards would fundamentally change the relationship between the citizen and the State.

3. The Prime Minister’s speech to his party conference sought to give the impression that ID cards would not be introduced, at the same time as his Government was clearly preparing for these pilot schemes.

Council therefore resolves to -

a) Reiterate its current opposition to the ID card scheme and any introduction of this in Liverpool.

b) Refuse to co-operate with any plans to promote the card scheme including refusal to allow any council premises to be used for promotional events or meetings and refusal to use any of the city council’s communications channels to provide information about the scheme unless required to do so by law.

c) Work with organisations Campaigning against the ID card scheme such as NO2ID to raise awareness among Liverpool Citizens of the dangers of the ID card and database scheme.


PM Swimmer said...

Wholeheartedly suppport this.

Might I suggest the city council could also refuse to accept the ID card on its own as a single piece of proof of identity. If you are still required to take the existing documentation rather than just the ID card it will become less of an appealing proposition.

I'd also suggest that this was be a prudent application of the precautionary prinicple for the council who would have to expend money correcting any mistakes which arise because of mis-identification caused by 'teething' problems with cards or database. Something which we all know is inevitable.

Paula Keaveney said...

An interesting suggestion.

Update on the motion - it was passed.