Monday, 25 April 2011

Liverpool Cricket Club update

I blogged earlier about the upcoming meeting to decide whether or not to let Liverpool Cricket Club have a licence for marquee events all year round.

The meeting took place earlier this month.  There was quite a debate. Residents who had opposed the application argued that there would be far too much noise and disturbance.  The club said it had agreed to monitor the noise, to limit number of events to 50 in the year, and to give notice to residents.
The residents believed that even with these measures, there would be far too much disturbance.

Peter Millea, Ron Gould and I were there to make points about disturbance.

In the end the committee decided to give the club permission but with some restrictions.  The number of events next year will be limited to 25 and the amount of notice given to neighbours will be 14 days. 

We delivered a note updating people about this shortly after the meeting.

The actual decision is available on the City Council website here.

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