Thursday, 19 May 2011

Out with the team

This morning I had an early start.  I spent time with the Council enforcement team finding out how they actually look out for dog fouling and litter offences in South Liverpool.  Starting at 6 am (yes people are out dog walking that early) we started at Heath Road in Cressington ward before going along Mather Avenue and then crossing to walk through some parkland.  We also spent a bit of time in the Serpentine/Aigburth Road area.

It soon became clear that appearing to casually watch a dog and owner isn't that easy!

This morning all the dog owners we came across were responsible and did scoop and bag.  But we also came across quite a few locations where that obviously hadn't happened.

Liverpool sadly is  high on the league table for dog fouling.  We're also high (top actually) of the league table for issuing penalty notices. (Figures from 2008/9)

Dog fouling is one of the main complaints I get from constituents and I've recently asked the enforcement team to look at quite a few locations in South Liverpool.  If there's a location you want me to ask them to look at, do please drop me an e mail to

We may not have seen any dog fouling offences but we did later spot a driver throwing litter from a moving car so that person will be getting a letter and fine.

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