Saturday, 3 September 2011

Fair Access to Care survey - deadline extended

The Council has been writing to people about its proposals on eligibility for care.  Part of this involves a questionniare to get the views of people who receive a service (and others like carers and family members).  I was contacted by a Garston lady earlier this week concerned that she hadn't received a questionnaire and that she might miss the deadline to give in any views.

It turns out that the letters went out without the questionniares (I am told this is so that people could request them in the right format for them and so that people who didnt want to take part weren't bothered . Personally not sure that makes a lot of sense as you can always say that its available in different formats etc, but there you go)

Anyway the news from Social Care is that they have pushed back the deadline for returning these to 30th September so if you are one of those who does want to get a questionnaire and fill it in there is still time.

So if you are one of those with a letter and no questionnaire, and you do want to give your views, you can request a form and still get it back before deadline.

The e mail of the team dealing with this is

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