Saturday, 22 October 2011

ATM Campaign update

We've managed to get some national attention for our ATM Campaign.  This is the campaign highlighting the lack of fee free cash machines.  If you are very short of money, every time you have to pay a fee to get your money is like an extra tax on poverty.  And given the lack of machines that don't charge, this is becoming less and less unavoidable.

Anyway, after quite a bit of work trying to highlight this, the BBC TV's "Rip Off Britain"programme is going to give it some exposure.  I recorded an interview with them earlier this week.  More interestingly however they did some vox pop interviews in Anfield and not only discovered a real lack of machines there, but also were told that some charging machines change what they charge according to what day it is.  The programme makers were told that on match days the fee rises!  I hadn't heard of this before so will be doing some research on it.

Meanwhile the City Council did say it would consider putting some fee free machines in its buildings.  Since this was agreed I have heard nothing so the task for this week is to chase this up.

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