Thursday, 15 December 2011

ATM Campaign update (December 2011)

The work I have been doing to highlight "cash deserts" has had some publicity this week.  The problem is that in some parts of Liverpool, and some parts of the country, there are virtually  no ATMs (cash machines) that will let you take money out without a fee.  When you think that the average fee is £1 75 you can soon see that for people on low incomes that amounts to a tax on poverty.

Earlier in the year I did some work with the Liverpool Echo and their analysis showed that the problem is more pronounced in parts of North Liverpool than elsewhere (although situations can change and a bank pulling out of an area, as happened on Mersey Road, can create a cash desert quite suddenly).

Anyway, some time ago I recorded an interview for the BBC programme, Rip Off Britain , which is on BBC One.  This was aired this week, with a preview on the One Show on Monday.  There  is a link to the BBC I Player here.

The Council did agree to look at whether its One Stop Shops would be suitable locations for fee free ATMs (as they are often buildings with high footfall and in places where there are a lot of people either living or working nearby). I am following this up.  Interestingly, a representative from one of the machine companies is now very keen to talk to the Council about finding some more locations in areas of shortage, like Anfield, so I am sorting this out too.

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