Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lighting up the station footpath.

Some time ago I, and colleagues, started a petition about the two footpaths that run to Cressington Station.  They were dark and overgrown and one was particularly difficult to walk on.

We found some money to get some tarmac laid, which helped a bit, but the problems of light remained.

Anyway, the petition, and some lobbying led to Network Rail agreeing to deal with the lighting problem on the path that runs from Eastern Drive to the Station (they cut back some growth as well).

The lights are now in and they're working to get an electricity supply to them.

Big thanks to people who signed the petition.  Also credit needs to go to former Lib Dem Councillor Peter Millea who helped make some of the contacts with Network Rail.

I've written to people in the areas where we carried out the petition to update them.  Obviously there are still issues to do with the other footpath but its good to see some action on the first one.

(picture kindly provided by Network Rail)

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