Friday, 30 March 2012

Funds for groups in Cressington ward

The Cressington Community First Panel is now set up. 

That means we will soon be able to start asking local groups to apply for funds. 

The money is from the Government through something called the Office of Civil Society.  The scheme is administered by the Community Development Foundation and here in Cressington it will be run by a panel of local people and a local organisation (in our case the South Liverpool CAB).

The Cressington Panel has a separate website ( and we will soon be publishing details of the priorities for funding, how to apply and who we are.

The money is "matched funding" which means the organisation applying also has to be putting something in.  But because this is about encouraging involvement and volunteering, volunteer time counts for this as do things like Gifts in Kind.  In other words it is not all about having a sum of money to start with.

I have been leading the set up of the Cressington panel so I am delighted that we will be ready to go any day now.

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