Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Progress on honouring a Garston hero

Some time ago I, and some other Lib Dems, suggested to the City Council that we find an extra way of honouring Harold Newgass.

He was involved in dealing with a bomb that had got into the Garston Gas holders  during the war ( if it had exploded it might have been good bye to much of that area including my house I imagine)

Anyway, there is a plaque in St Mary's Church but several people felt we ought to do more.

We now have the chance to name a new street after him.

To do this I had to make sure we had permission from a relative.  With help from the Garston and District Historical Society I was able to speak to his daughter who was charming and very much in support.  Her sister was too.

So as long as there are no problems we could soon have a street in Garston named after Harold Newgass.

I'll blog again on this when I have any timescales, but I have this evening been looking at a plan of where the new street is.

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