Saturday, 12 May 2012

Problems with truancy watch?

I was contacted this morning by a mum in South Liverpool who's worried about something that happened to her little boy.

Apparently he was approached, on the way into school, by people working for Truancy Watch.  He wasn't late and the letter sent to his mum has made her angry and worried.

This may of course be a one off mistake.  But it strikes me that approaching children on the way into school in the morning is probably not the best way to spot truants!

Don't get me wrong.  Truancy is a problem and its vital that youngsters don't miss school because of the way one lesson builds on another.

But it also strikes me that there are plenty of places in Liverpool where children bunking off are often found, and the way into school isn't one of them!

I am going to get some questions asked about this but, in order to see if its a one off I thought I would try to see if other parents have had similar experiences.  If you have, please let me know by e mailing me at

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