Monday, 11 June 2012

Mather Avenue parking - progress made

Some months ago I went with some local residents to see the head of the police academy on Mather Avenue.  The problem was parking.  Visitors to the building were not always using the car park but were parking on Mather Avenue causing problems for residents there. 

As part of trying to get a solution, I agreed to speak to the Council traffic and highways people about any changes that could be made to free up some space not outside people's homes.  And it seems that there is a solution which will do just this.

Richard and I have written to the people living nearest the police academy to update them and the Council will probably do a bit of a consultation too.

Good news then for those who have been having problems with the parking here.

When any consultation is over and we have the exact details to publish, we will put them on this blog too.

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