Monday, 16 July 2012

Honouring a Garson hero - one step nearer

I had an e mail the other day from someone moving to Garston . He told me he had reserved a  house on Harold Newgass Drive.

It was great to have evidence that the day when we honour (again) this particular Garston hero is nearer.

I've blogged before about the work to do more to recognise Lt Newgass and about his bravery in Garston Under the Bridge during the war.

We managed to persuade the Council to recommend a new street being named after him.  And when the extension to Kings Lynn Drive is finished, there it will be - Harold Newgass Drive.

There's a while to go yet.  Some of the building is at a very early stage.  But it was great to have someone mention the street that way.

When I know about ceremonies etc, I will make sure I blog about it here as I know there is loads of interest in the history of the area.

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