Monday, 3 December 2012

Booker Avenue site progress?

Back in March, people living near the Booker Avenue/Greenhill Road junction were given some infomation about plans for 16 flats to be built on the empty bit of land opposite the pub (not the former garage, the other bit)

The Council owns the land and the idea was that they would let South Liverpool Housing have it for a development, with planning permission coming in over the summer.

Well clearly that didn't happen, but there is some movement now.

South Liverpool Housing tell us that they plan to put a planning application in this month (December).

Once this is in, its a chance for local people to have their say on all sorts of aspects, including traffic in the area.  Planning decisions often make amendments to take into account these sorts of worries.

The application isn't in yet, but as soon as it is  I'll publish a link on this blog.

Meawhile, there'll be some more "site tests" on the land so if you live nearby you may well see this going on.

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