Saturday, 8 December 2012

Greenhill Nursery site - update

I blogged some time ago about the future of the Greenhill nursery site.

The Council had said it didn't want the land any more.

My colleague Richard Oglethorpe and I wrote to people living near the site to ask for their views about what they would like to see happen on that land.  The top suggestions (in terms of numbers) included allotments and sheltered housing of some sort.

Anyway, the Council is due to formally decide to sell the land.  The decision will be made at the Cabinet meeting next week (14th December)

You can read the report at this link.

As part of the report, six local councillors were consulted (five Labour and Lib Dem Richard Oglethorpe)

Only Richard bothered to reply and his comments, based on our survey, are in the appendix to the report.

The whole agenda for the meeting is here

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